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Talks and Workshops

Talks @ Telok Blangah

Join our speakers and hear them talk about Advance Care Planning, Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.


Date & Language
28 Oct 17 (Sat)In Mandarin
29 Oct 17 (Sun)In English
4 Nov 17 (Sat)In English
5 Nov 17 (Sun)In Mandarin

Advance Care Planning10am – 11am
Wills & Lasting Power of Attorney11am – 12pm

GoLi – The Moving Theatre at the open space next to Blk 11 Telok Blangah Crescent Market

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is for everyone, regardless of age or state of health. ACP conversations allow you to discuss, reflect and decide on your health care based on your personal values. This gives loved ones assurance and peace of mind that they are fulfilling your wishes. Come find out more and share the gift of love with your loved ones.

Wills & Lasting Power of Attorney

As we live in a world full of uncertainties, it is important and necessary for us to plan for our future today. Many of us wait until it is too late, not because we do not want to do anything about it but because we are unaware of our choices or what we can do. Join us to find out what a will is, how it works as well as a lasting power of attorney, including the sharing of real case studies.

Workshop: “How Do You Say It?”

If you wish to further explore end-of-life related issues after attending the talk, join this interactive workshop for those aged 18 years old and above. Participate as an individual or attend with family and friends, and learn how to have these important conversations.


List of Speakers


刘宜芬是生命同行坊的经理。生命同行坊是城隍慈善基金会属下的机构,成立 于2013 年,旨在提高年长者提早为临终阶段做准备的意识。刘女士是一名有 经验的预先护理计划协调员,替超过百名社区的长者完成他们的预先护理计 划。刘女士领导的团队提供一站式的服务,协助年长者做遗嘱,持久授权书, 预先护理计划,预先医疗指示,预先丧礼规划。


陈子佳为福鼎律师行(Fortis Law Corporation)的创始人和首席执行官。他的 业务领域包括商业诉讼和仲裁、财富管理与私人客户业务。同时,他是一位公 证人、宣誓公证人、新加坡仲裁员学会会员及新加坡调解中心和新加坡国家法 院初步纠纷调解中心正式任命的副调解员。目前,他还担任新加坡国家法院小 额索偿法庭以及志愿调解员计划项目(地方法官投诉)的国家法院-SMC 调解小 组的志愿调解员。

Mark Lin

Mark Lin is a lead social worker under Montfort Care. He is a registered social worker with the Singapore Association of Social Workers and has been practising social work for 7 years, including 4 years of direct work with seniors. He is the founder of ‘Good Death Project’, in which the programme seeks to promote early end-of-life planning among seniors.

Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fortis Law Corporation. His areas of practice include commercial litigation and arbitration, wealth management, and private client matters. He is a Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, a Fellow with the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, as well as an accredited Associate Mediator, appointed by the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Primary Dispute Resolution Centre of the State Courts of Singapore.

Dr Raymond Ng

Dr Raymond Ng is a palliative care physician in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. For the last nine years, he has worked in this field which helps patients with advanced illness and their families cope better with the challenges they face, including pain control and psychosocial care. He is also an advocate for advance care planning and believes that every person has a rich narrative in his/her personal life story that can leave valuable lessons.

Tan Shen Kiat

Shen Kiat is an Associate within Fortis Law Corporation’s Private Client Practice Group. He is concurrently the Legal Advisor to FortisWills and FortisCare, subsidiaries of Fortis Life Group dealing with wealth preservation, advance care and estate planning issues.


沈锦丰先生是新加坡中央医院医疗社工部的医疗社会工作主管。 他是肾脏科多 学科医疗团队里的成员之一,为肾脏病患提供完善的照护服务。身为医院候召 医疗社工队的队员,沈先生也为病逝或病危患者的家属提供援助。沈先生也积 极地领导中央医院的预先护理计划的培训和推广活动。在他的职业生涯里,他 见证了预先护理计划如何成功地帮助无数的病患与家属分享自己从未透露过的 人生价值观、信念和医疗护理的意愿。


陈贤杰是福鼎律师行(Fortis Law Corporation)的私人客户业务组的一名律。 他同时兼任Fortis Life Group 下属公司Fortis Wills 和 Fortis Care 的法 律顾问。Fortis Life Group 的业务范围包括处理财富保值、预立医护计划和 遗产计划等。

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