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Both Sides, Now:
Mengukir Harapan

Both Sides, Now is a community engagement project exploring what it means to live well, and leave well. Death is a part of life, impending and certain. Unfortunately, not many of us are willing to talk about it openly.

What are our wishes and hopes while our hearts are still beating?  How do we prepare for our final exit without losing our dignity? Are the people who are closest and dearest to us ready to accept our sometimes painful, final decisions?

Death does not discriminate. When the time comes, will those we leave behind be prepared to take the step forward and carve out a new hope?

As part of the research process behind Both Sides, Now: Mengukir Harapan, the creative team had collaborated closely with Age Matters and the researchers they worked with to develop culturally competent arts-based approaches to engage the Malay-Muslim community on end-of-life and advanced care planning issues. 

This research study engages a participatory community-led design and includes key findings in understanding pertinent issues and contexts within the Malay-Muslim Community on end-of-life issues. 

Read the full research report here.


Sukar (Melepaskan) - Mendakap Kenangan Forum Theatre

Immerse yourself in the drama that unfolds among a family of three who faced different degrees of regret after their father passed away. Help resolve the crisis so that all present can draw lessons on dealing with the process of bereavement.

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Storytelling, performed five times a day, accompanied with various activities  where participants will be guided to forge deeper connections with themselves or their loved ones.

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of life and legacy by community art-makers and artist, Dahlia Osman

An exhibition where expressions of love and regret are captured through the artworks of Dahlia Osman and community participants.

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Words from
the Artistic Team

Many of our Malay friends have told us that there is a need to have such a conversation within the community.

So we decided to embark on research to see if the wider community agrees that there is this need, and if so, what kind of conversation should it be?  We also asked ourselves how should our artistic approach be in order to engage the Malay community.


Sukar (Melepaskan) - Mendakap Kenangan Forum Theatre

Written & Directed by Adib Kosnan

Performed by Dalifah Shahril, Farez Najib, Darren Guo and R Chandran

Three siblings, Azhar, Ashraf and Azura face the unenviable task of settling their Bapak’s estate and other affairs after he passed away. Expect disappointment, despair, tension and regret to loom large in this family drama as they try to carry out their responsibilities while grappling with their own regrets and the grieving process. Audience participation is key to help the siblings come to a decision about what they should do and resolve the crisis in this thought-provoking forum theatre. Do weigh in and come be part of the solution.

To better appreciate this forum theatre, watch the back-story of this family here: bit.ly/bsnsukarmelepaskan. The 3-part drama was performed last year for Kata-Kata Kita and live-streamed from Aliwal Arts Centre.

You can also catch the screenings of these three episodes during Lepaskan Sesalan, everyday at 11.30-12.30 pm.

21-24 Sep 2022



Written & Directed by Moli Mohter

Performed by Suhaili Safari

Waktu aims to remind participants of the transience of time while stressing on the idea of being “here and now”, reminding us to live in the present, to love and be loved. The story revolves around Ayu, who had experienced the loss of her husband. She takes us through an emotional journey of regrets, of hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled, as she goes all out to prepare for his birthday party that’s a year overdue. She shares how death has taught her to value time with her loved ones as well as re-evaluate her life and her relationships with others, even as she heals from her loss.

Performed five times in a day, audiences can participate in different activities each time, that will help them engage with their loved ones.

21-24 Sep 2022

10am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm

of life and legacy by community art-makers and artist, Dahlia Osman

Personal belongings such as books, jewellery or letters hold memories of those who have passed on. Acting as capsules, these objects retain the unique touch and spirit of the individual, helping us to remember their legacy. Multi-disciplinary artist Dahlia Osman creates an installation of capsules, including her late father's belongings, at an exhibition which will also feature artworks created by participants who responded deeply to questions on love, loss, regrets and leaving well.

Guided tour

24 Sep, 2pm-3pm

Join Dahlia and the community art-makers for a guided tour of the exhibition. No registration required.

21-24 Sep 2022