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Lepaskan Sesalan Public Engagement

Lepaskan Sesalan (Release Your Regrets) was a public engagement event that sought to ease and normalise conversations on end-of-life issues with live performances, interactive activities, an exhibition, and public talks. Based on the concept of “rewang” (collective effort), the event sought to provide a safe space for the Malay-Muslim community to continue the conversation on death, dying, regrets and bereavement from Kata-Kata Kita in 2021. Lepaskan Sesalan was held at Heartbeat@Bedok from 21 - 24 Sept 2022.

Workshops with community art-makers and artist, Dahlia Osman

Across a few months, multi-disciplinary artist Dahlia Osman worked with community participants to create an installation of personal objects, including her late father's belongings, and artworks by the participants who responded deeply to questions on love, loss, regrets and leaving well. Each session includes the teaching of various drawing techniques, principles and mediums where participants are able to explore and touch on their creative sides.

Workshops with community elders and P7:1SMA

Over four months, dancers from P7:1SMA conducted workshops, including on Malay dance, and relationship-building activities with seniors from Montfort Care - GoodLife! Bedok. These workshops are part of a process to produce a carefully choreographed performance that interprets challenging issues related to forgiveness, letting go of regrets and accepting loss reflected through dance movements.

Kata-Kata Kita variety show

Hosted by popular personalities Hatta Said and Gloria Tan, the line-up consisted of Sukar (Melepaskan) a Sandiwara style drama, Radio Dukacita, Pantang and live music by Khairul Afwan. Audiences were entertained while learning more about end-of-life topics, such as Advance Care Planning, Faraidh law and wills, grief and bereavement. These shows were live streamed from Aliwal Arts Centre on 5 - 7 November 2021.

Volunteer Training

As part of their onboarding, a new batch of volunteers underwent a 1.5 days training, where they got to learn about Advance Care Planning, and explored their own fears and values about end-of-life through theatre games and participatory art activities during the workshop.

Community Engagement Workshops

A series of Community Engagement Workshops took place from March – April 2021, as research to deepen our understanding of perspectives and attitudes towards end-of-life issues among the Malay-Muslim community. A total of 7 workshops were conducted with participants aged 17 years old and above, including single caregivers and the first-born child in a family.


Both Sides, Now: Mengukir Harapan 2021-2022

Let's take a look back at the past 2 years of the Both Sides, Now: Mengukir Harapan edition! Held from 2021 to 2022, this edition engaged largely the Malay-Muslim community, both online and in-person, to carve a space for connection and hope, while also dealing with difficult topics such as loss, regrets, death and dying.

Witness the highlights from these past 2 years from our creative team on the impact, and how meaningful this edition of Both Sides, Now has been for them.

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Lepaskan Sesalan 2022 Trailers

Hear from Lead Artists Adib Kosnan and Moli Mohter, and resident artists Dahlia Osman and P7:1SMA, about the creative process that went behind developing Lepaskan Sesalan and insights into how each programme explores the theme of loss and regrets. Watch to take a peek into the programme highlights of Lepaskan Sesalan!

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Kata-Kata Kita 2021 Trailers

There comes a time when we all face the topic of death and dying, be it through the unexpected loss of loved ones, caregiving or from situations that make us fear or worry about our very own mortality. Take a glimpse into the Kata-Kata Kita Variety Show where we unpacked and discussed topics about end-of-life, advance care planning, caregiving, grief and loss. Watch the full Kata-Kata Kita Variety Show available on our youtube channel.

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Community Voices

We captured the voices of Malay-Muslims from all walks of life and ages in Singapore who took part in our Community Engagement Workshops.

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Kueh Kueh Sessions

An introductory series to the latest edition of Both Sides, Now: Mengukir Harapan. The Kueh Kueh Sessions brought together our Artistic Team - Kok Heng Leun, Moli Mohter and Adib Kosnan – and Creative Producer Ngiam Su-Lin to talk about the work they have embarked on.

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