• An exhibition where expressions of love and regret are captured through the artworks of community participants and artist, Dahlia Osman.

  • A performance by community elders and P7:1SMA inspired by the wisdom of seniors in our community and their stories about letting go.

  • The artist-led project in collaboration with residents of Blk 7 Telok Blangah Crescent involved creating artworks and experiences that reimagined what is valuable to the community, while also fostering connections between neighbours.

  • Inspired by the Chinese characters huo dong, where huo is to live and dong is to move, the participatory experience asked community participants to rediscover their environment through the aural expression qualities of the familiar and the mundane, thus reinventing the meaning of the everyday for themselves.

  • Residents of Blk 7 Telok Blangah Crescent were invited to the void deck studio to pose for a video-portrait. The activity focused on the moments before and after the shutter clicks - as residents shared how they want to present themselves, why they chose this moment to capture for eternity, and for whom?

  • This film is about a cooking series. It looked at food as a remembrance of a person’s life and asked people to select recipes they would like to be remembered by. The participants in the series also demonstrated how they cook their selected dishes.

  • Closer - Kindling - Kow Set Tai caregiver

    Featuring portraits and photographs made by Chong Pang residents who delved into the world of relationships and intimacy during their art making journey. They spoke about the process of ageing, living and dying, love and grief, wishes and regrets.

  • Closer - To Cherish To Hold by Goh Soo Kheng

    Showcasing sympathy blankets - offered to the family of the deceased and hung at funerals - created by Chong Pang residents after they spent time at a workshop contemplating the end-of- life and how to come to terms with death.

  • Closer - The Gift - Han Xuemei

    The Gift is an invitation to contemplate a last gift for someone in each participant’s life. Each gift that was made in this artist-led project, signified a person’s reflection of what is significant to them, what they wish to leave behind, and a unique relationship between two people, in life and death.

  • Closer - Akan Datang - Jasmine Ng

    Using documentary footage of senior participants as a starting point and weaving in the images of a lifetime that were excavated from old photo albums, the three short films tell us how each senior has been differently dealing with delicate issues of death and dying that are present in their daily lives.