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Embark on a mission with us to develop spaces that encourage end-of-life conversations, where we explore, express, and enact what living well and leaving well might mean.

Through Both Sides, Now we provide creative opportunities for individuals, families, and communities to feel confident and safe to talk about death and dying. By expressing their wishes, regrets, fears, and desires about the end-of-life, they gain knowledge and skills on having conversations that matter. We adopt a community development approach, equipping individuals to advocate for the importance of living well and leaving well with other members, supporting each other at each stage of life.

Your support is vital in expanding our reach, allowing us to extend arts-based approaches to communities through collaboration with dedicated artists and partners. As we create avenues to spark end-of-life conversations that contribute to personal well-being, stronger bonds, and community development, your donations will go towards:

  • developing culturally competent approaches for diverse communities
  • designing and facilitating training workshops on end-of-life communication for care staff and the general public
  • training more artists to design and facilitate programmes and workshops in and with communities, as well as
  • training our volunteers for outreach, and support our community engagement efforts

Together, we can create and sustain dynamic programs that truly resonate — fostering relationships and connecting communities. Donate today!

Produced by ArtsWok Collaborative, a non-profit organisation with charity status, we rely significantly on donations to operate, and to plan for longer-term sustainability. As an Institute of Public Character, all donations above $10 will qualify for a 250% tax deduction, and dollar-for-dollar matching through the Cultural Matching Fund from the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth.

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Please donate generously!

All donations qualify for a 250% tax deduction.

Donations may also be made via PayNow to our UEN: 201432448C, or by scanning the QR code below.
For tax deductions on donations made via these methods, please email us a screenshot of your donation with your full name and NRIC number.

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Community Voices

“Even though we would like to forget about it, dying is very much part of being human. So a city that does not make space for one to think about and accept dying, is not a city that is humanised.”

Kok Heng Leun, Artist and Founder of Drama Box