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17 September 2022 | Berita Harian

‘Lepaskan Sesalan’ teroka isu akhir hayat

13 July 2019 | The Straits Times

Kick-starting talk on death and dying early

08 October 2018 | The Straits Times

Arts take on science of big data

02 November 2017 | The Straits Times

Art, drama make discussions on death come alive

21 October 2017 | The Straits Times

Puppets add light touch to heavy topics

19 November 2013 | Today Online

Art exhibition aims to spur reflection on death

19 November 2013 | The Straits Times

Dealing with death through art project

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Community Voices

“The fact that grief is such a powerful emotion yet it is possible for us to unite together across culture and religion. … it was eye-opening to see and learn about how the Malays and Muslims grieve in their unique ways, it was parallel to my own experiences (and) of others’ grief in other cultures and religions.”

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