Wellness Kampung @ 765 Nee Soon Central

About the Project

Adopting an arts and asset-based community development approach, we have built on our previous efforts to establish deeper and more intimate connections with community members. Over the course of a year, socially engaged artist Salty Xi Jie Ng, and assistant artist Stacy Huang worked closely with 8 senior collaborators from the Wellness Kampung @ 765 Nee Soon Central. Through workshops, intimate conversations, and co-creating artworks, they explored their personal experiences and narratives related to living, and leaving well, as well as developed competencies on how to have end-of-life (EOL) conversations. We have seen how these engagements and connections have not only transformed the seniors, but also their relationships with one another and the wider community.

The culmination of this year-long journey was an art exhibition, tides held from 9 to 20 March 2024 at the Wellness Kampung, featuring programmes for both the public and invited guests, including senior-led tours, readings and conversation circles. Both Sides, Now volunteers and staff from Yishun Health also supported the exhibition through co-leading tours, and engaging residents and the public attending the exhibition and programmes. The exhibition was visited by almost 1400 visitors, where the key highlight was engaging with the senior collaborators and their artworks.

Project Journal

Salty Xi Jie Ng having lunch with Chia Yim Fong

By Salty Xi Jie Ng

29 August 2023

Curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes of an arts-based community development programme? In her inaugural Project Journal post, Salty delves into the stories and memories of 8 seniors through bilingual chat sessions and intimate gatherings. She also guides them on a journey to learn more about end-of-life matters, discussing topics such as death preparations, final wishes, and the meaning of living and leaving well utilising various arts and creative approaches.

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Conversations at Wellness Kampung

By Stacy Huang

2 November 2023

What is Community Art? As our intimate conversations at Wellness Kampung @ 765 Nee Soon Central progress, curiosity is afloat. In this project journal, Stacy Huang explains what community art means to her and how this project has enabled the senior collaborators to express their deepest reflections and contemplations on living and dying.

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Yishun stakeholders conversations

By Salty Xi Jie Ng

17 November 2023

In her second Project Journal post, Salty touches on the realities of working on a project that takes a community development approach. As Salty leads the seniors on their individual projects, she shares how she grapples with the challenge of having a myriad of expectations from different stakeholders and the race against time.

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Agnes, Stacy and a Yishun Health staff member working on paper mache sculptures.

By Salty Xi Jie Ng

26 February 2023

As the community exhibition “tides” draws closer, Salty reflects on the inspiration and processes behind each artwork — reminiscing on their collective journey towards living well, and leaving well. In realising the senior collaborators’ unique perspectives and passion for end-of-life matters, this project journal post reveals the year-long journey of excavating the taboos of death through meaningful conversations.

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By Salty Xi Jie Ng

24 May 2024

Through encountering many small yet profound interactions during the “tides” community exhibition, Salty reveals the essence of a community development project. Likening it to a thriving ecosystem, the supportive networks fostered the successful culmination of the year-long project. Still, Salty wonders if the project ever really ends, given these ongoing relationships.

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Community Creations

Following an intimate process of learning what matters to each senior collaborator, artists Salty Xi Jie Ng and Stacy Huang conceptualised and made these artworks with them, guiding the process over a few months. Staff members from Yishun Health also collaborated on several projects. The artworks were installed in the Wellness Kampung and surrounding void decks of Blk 765 and 766 Nee Soon Central as part of the exhibition, tides. The Single Seniors’ Club organised its first gathering during the exhibition period.

  • Little girl eating a plate of food with her right hand with a message from her to Devi overlayed on top of image.
  • A bowl of rice with a message from Devi written and overlayed on top of image.

From Atha to You

by Devi Maniam
In collaboration with Lim Feng Ling (Senior Graphic Designer) and KumKrish Photography
Images on Vinyl

Every weekend without fail, Devi whips up a feast for her family when they visit — an expression of her love and devotion for them. From Atha to You is a series of images photographed by her daughter, featuring her grandchildren’s favourite dishes.


by Michelle Sim

A friend of Michelle, whose husband had a sea burial, speaks to her beloved when she is by the sea or other bodies of water. Recollection is a poetic short film sharing poignant accounts and reflections on living and leaving, collected by Michelle and told through her lens.

Watch the film here.

Float Free

by Chia Yim Fong, Koh Tong Cheng and Michelle Sim
In collaboration with Lee Sok Howang (Senior Staff Nurse), Naliny Narayanan (Community Care Associate) and Ng Zeming Benjamin (Executive)

A collaboratively scripted short film portraying stories of three seniors who overcame their fear of water to learn swimming at an older age. They share the community they found at Yishun Swimming Complex, the freedom water provides in old age, and reflections on life and death.

Watch the film here.

Single Seniors Club

by Chia Yim Fong and Koh Tong Cheng
In collaboration with Marilyn Chan Min (Senior Executive) and Agnes Low Si Ling (Executive)

The Single Seniors Club is a peer support group for single seniors to stay active and well, support each other, as well as share stories and fun within their community. Activities include meals, sharing sessions, leisure activities, and discussions on social issues, health tips and world news.

My Way

by Shirley Wong Kwai Cheng

Shirley undergoes a journey to plan her end-of-life matters, focusing on the happy memories she will leave behind and how she wants to be celebrated. The brave result is an installation of remembrance, with a poignant statement on her end-of-life plans and grateful reflections.

Cord of Life

by Agnes Tan
In collaboration with Fanny Hee (Senior Staff Nurse) and Ji Yanli (Senior Healthcare Assistant)

She gave life to her daughters through their umbilical cords; they are now her most precious belongings to pass down – from life to death, a journey to live, then to leave one day. Cord of Life is a mixed-media installation on a tree inspired by her daughters’ umbilical cords and the need for end-of-life conversations.

Feelings of a Dementia Caregiver

by Magdalene Yap Choy Kam
In collaboration with Putri Nada’Billah Binte Mohamad Hisham (Community Care Associate)
Images & Cards for Caregivers

As a full-time caregiver to a parent with dementia, Magdalene pens a heartfelt letter to fellow caregivers to share the ups and downs of her journey — from burnout and helplessness, to gratitude and satisfaction. A series of images of her with her mother in everyday moments accompanies the text.

Who Can Tell Me?

by Lim Soh Joo
Mixed Media

Are we born with souls? What happens after death? Soh Joo is an everyday philosopher with a million existential questions, and no answers. Who can tell me? is an installation and booth that poses inquiries about life, death and the universe in a public space, accompanied by images of the cosmic philosopher herself.

Art Exhibition & Programmes

9-20 March 2024
Weekdays, 10am – 6pm
Weekends, 10am – 8pm


Standing in the waves of time, gazing at the horizon between life and death, one turns to another and breaks the silence: “How do you prepare to leave this world?”

This year, we sail with a band of brave elders to explore what it means to live well, and leave well. With an arts and asset-based community development approach, we are excavating the taboos of death, end-of-life conversations and choices.

In the ocean of this shared endeavour, the waves carry us toward places of light and dark, sorrow and joy. Join us in the Yishun community to intimately contemplate and celebrate lives, legacies, and transitions with an exhibition of artworks and programmes, including conversations with and tours by senior collaborators.

Exhibition Photos

Process Photos

Community Voices

“Seeing end-of-life conversations from the perspective of the seniors made me understand more about how I should be thinking about it from a caregivers perspective.”

Exhibition Visitor
Salty Xi Jie Ng

Salty Xi Jie Ng

Lead Artist

“I would like to be reincarnated as a cloud or a ladybird upon a leaf.”

Salty Xi Jie Ng is an artist and educator working intimately with people and their lives in hopes of uncovering hidden selves and histories in kinship with the other-than-human. Her transdisciplinary practice proposes a collective re-imagining, and manifests as conversations, meals, performance, installation, writing, video, publication, and community space. She has worked extensively with elders and developed collaborative projects across cultures and contexts, including The Grandma Reporter, Not Grey: Intimacy, Ageing and Being, The Inside Show, Singapore Minstrel, and Buangkok Mall Life Club.

Stacy Huang

Stacy Huang

Assistant Artist, Spatial Designer and Production Manager

“Without the reality of death, living will be a very different kind of game.”

Based in Singapore, Stacy identifies herself as an artist, educator and mediator. She combines art pedagogies, play, and process-based methodologies to facilitate conversations and individual expression in community-based settings. Her work often culminates in the form of installations, performance, and mixed media drawings. She most recently co-created a community floor mural with twelve youths as part of the Arts @ Macpherson Trail.

Senior woman in a light blue top with white polka dots.

Chia Yim Fong

“Living well is freedom in the everyday.”

My previous work in a factory, kindergarten and as a confinement nanny rewarded me with much vitality and satisfaction. Semi-retired now, I work as a cleaner. At 70 years of age, I’m grateful to be active and financially independent. I hope to live out the rest of my life independently, staying peaceful and free from illness and pain until death.

Senior woman in a dark blue blouse.

Koh Tong Cheng

“The sunset is infinitely beautiful, but it’s almost dusk. I hope to live and leave well.”

I was born in World War II. According to my grandma, my mother ran with everyone into the forest to escape the bombings, and birthed me under a tree. Suffering many disasters and the ravages of war, I was weak and sick. After graduating from higher secondary school, I became jobless and ended up as a Mandarin tuition teacher till retirement. Now, I teach hanyu pinyin at the Wellness Kampung. Living alone is wonderful. I come and go as I please, my life is free and colourful.

Senior woman in a blue and grey stripe top.

Lim Soh Joo

“To live well is to be carefree.
To leave well is to be free of cares.”

Born in Johor, Malaysia, I moved to Singapore at the age of ten for education. After graduation, I had several professions including that of salesperson, clerk, accountant; retiring in 2013. I am a very curious person.

I want to know where people come from, where they go after death, whether there is heaven or hell. Who can tell me?

Senior woman in a blue and orange flowery blouse sitting on a black couch.

Devi Maniam

“Life is not permanent.”

I am aged 70 and a housewife. My husband and I have three daughters, four grandchildren and two sons-in-law, who come to see us during the weekends. My hobby is taking care of plants; my daughter likes to buy me new plants. l love my family and I like to cook for them.

Woman in red flowery blouse against a background of greenery.

Michelle Sim

“Making plans while alive will leave you with no worries in the afterlife.”

I have worked as a cashier, receptionist and promoter. Now retired, I keep busy learning languages and volunteering. My hobbies include gardening, flower arrangement, cooking, and sewing. I also love learning new things with my friends. Being positive is the driving force to life.

Senior woman in blue printed blouse.

Agnes Tan

“Not how long, but how well you have lived, is the main thing.”

I’m 62 years old, married with two children and retired.

I love gardening and cooking. Though I don’t like meat, I’m proud to say I can cook delicious braised pork ribs. Sometimes at mealtimes, I joke with my children about whether my husband or I would pass on first, as well as share my funeral arrangements. I enjoy Wellness Kampung activities like handicraft, Tune Up and exercise.

Woman with a grey blouse holding her hat with her right hand against a dark grey background.

Shirley Wong Kwai Cheng

“Living well is doing the things I like to do as I age, not suffering from illness or injuries, and not being a burden.”

I am 70 years old, currently semi-retired from being an engineering designer, and work ad hoc as a senior security officer. My family consists of my husband, daughter and son, their spouses, and a granddaughter. I am happy as I keep busy with senior activities and travelling a bit with my husband, to hike, snorkel, cycle and volunteer.

Senior in a green shirt sitting on a chair with a white background.

Magdalene Yap Choy Kam

“Appreciating whatever we have is the way to living well and leaving well!”

I am 70 years old, retired since 2022. Currently, I live with and take care of my 90-year-old mum, aided by a helper. My mum and I both love bus rides and walks in parks and gardens. We also enjoy morning exercises at 765 Wellness Kampung and playing RUMMIKUB in the afternoon.

ArtsWok Collaborative

Ngiam Su-Lin

Angie Cheong

Durrah Qistina
Assistant Producer

Kyara Devaser, Karen Yu

Jennifer Kwan

Wellness Kampung and Yishun Health/Regional Team

Evon Chua Yiwen
Assistant Director

Ong Siew Hong
Centre Coordinator

Tan Shi Hui
Assistant Manager

Cassandra Quek Jia Yu
Senior Executive

Putri Nada’Billah Binte Mohamad Hisham
Community Care Associate

Lee Sok Howang
Senior Staff Nurse

Fanny Hee
Senior Staff Nurse

Ji Yanli
Senior Healthcare Assistant

Lim Feng Ling
Senior Graphic Designer

Agnes Low Si Ling

Marilyn Chan Min
Senior Executive

Naliny Narayanan
Community Care Associate

Ng Zeming Benjamin

Our gratitude to the following for being a part of our journey:

Belvindar Kaur D/O Suhan Singh, Kanto D/O Suhan Singh, and Teo Geok Tin for starring in Float Free

Nee Soon Town Council

St. Luke’s ElderCare

ActiveSG and Yishun Swimming Complex

The community at the Wellness Kampung who have contributed wonderfully in various ways to the exhibition

All our hardworking, generous Both Sides, Now volunteers!

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